Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekend Recap

Hey, folks!

How was your weekend? Not too shabby here! We had a good time with family and friends. I wanted to share a little weekend recap since I haven't done one in a while!

Saturday, we went with two of Daniel's sisters to get cookie dough treats at Sweet Dough in Orem and took the kiddos to the park.

Then Sunday Jack and I went on our first mommy-son movie outing! It was really fun to get to do that with him since he and I rarely get much one-on-one time together anymore. He and I both are big fans of the Ninjago show series so we thought it would be fun to get to go to the movie together in theater. We had a good time!

Sadly, woke up this morning to the horrific news that happened in Las Vegas last night. My kids are still too young to tell them that a madman terrorist decided to unleash so much hatred and evil upon a crowd, killing more than 50 people and injuring over 400 more. But I hate that this is the world they live in. I hate that this is the world we all live in. I wish I had the answers to fix it. All I can do is focus on teaching my kids to love and be kind. To treat others with respect. It's a scary world we live in. I'm grateful for my husband and my children and my sweet family. Hug your loved ones today. Make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them. Set aside resentment and anger and hold on to what matters. My love to all of you out there today.

           p.s. because of a weird glitch, a post of mine from a couple weeks ago went missing. Check out my life as a Dog Mom here!

That Dog Mom Life

If you've been a regular reader here for a while, it's likely you already know I have two of the cutest puppies in all the land.

Well, one is a full grown dog, but she's like 4 pounds so I'm pretty sure I can still call her a puppy.

And the other one is a puppy. An almost full-grown 8 month old puppy, but still.

Being a dog mom is almost as great as being a mom to humans. Sometimes better. Sometimes worse. Haha. In fact, Thor (dog) and Luna (baby) have very similar behaviors.

  • Both like to be loud
  • Both eat any scrap of trash they find on the floor
  • Both bite sometimes and look bizarrely cute when they do it
  • Both enjoy hanging out in crates
  • Both like to dig in the dirt

So since I was a dog mom before I was a regular mom, I felt like I'd had a little prior experience. :P 

Also as some of you know, I struggle with mental health issues like anxiety and depression from time to time. Hands down, my dogs are the best medicine for getting me through those rough days. Even if sometimes *cough* THOR IM LOOKING AT YOU *cough* they cause a little bit of that stress and anxiety. 

Many of you also know that I purchased both of my dogs. With Freyja, she's a pomeranian/shih tzu mix. I call her a pomshih (because I'm pretty sure it's not an actual recognized designer breed yet) and some of my friends like to call her a shit pom. lol. Either way, when I found a breeder selling her, we weren't even in the market for a second dog. We had a check list of all the things we wanted in a pup and she fit the bill on all of them. She's currently 2.5 years old and seriously the best dog. She's amazingly tolerant with the kids and Jack loves helping me take care of her. He calls her his "responsibility." lol. 

And Thor...

Oh boy. This dog. He's keeping me on my toes for sure! He's a mini American Eskimo pup that I got from another breeder. He's seriously a beautiful dog. I get stopped regularly. He's as smart as he is an oaf and I love his ridiculously silly personality. He's very much still a puppy and is very playful with Jack, but surprisingly sweet with Luna. Thor is a lot of work, but we're having fun working on training him and teaching him new tricks. He's a master of sit, come, (still working on, up, down, out, off and lay down and roll over. 

I am a huge advocate for animal adoption. I've worked with several animal shelters and have owned rescue animals myself. (RIP Newton). BUT it is possible to find reputable breeders that help you find the dog that is right for your family. I might get some backlash on this post, and I hope I don't. But I want people to realize that there are ways to get a dog from a breeder that is totally ethical. In fact, PuppySpot is a great resource. This service helps responsible breeders find loving homes and placement for their pups. Check out the website. They offer a great deal of info on dog breeds, breeder info and more. They even offer a no-puppy mill promise, which is really reassuring as they are difficult to weed out sometimes. 

I know I cannot picture my life without a dog in it. I've had dogs my entire life and it's been so much better for it. While dogs are a huge responsibility and require a lot of time, money and energy, they are worth it if you have the ability to get one and properly care for it. Being a dog mom is the best. <3 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


*brushes away the cobwebs and dust*

*Taps mic* Hello? Hellooooo? Anybody there? Wow, this is the longest I've gone without a blog post since I started this blog five years ago! Dang. It's been a busy time, folks! If you follow me on social media, you'll know that we bought a house, moved in and are still working on getting out of our rental. (Will be done by the end of the month). I have a PRESCHOOLER NOW. OMG. And a toddler who WONT QUIT.

Also, a puppy who is as destructive as he is cute and takes up much of any extra time I ever even thought of having. My toddler has become a horrendous sleeper, so my chances to get any writing time done while she is napping or otherwise asleep at night are basically none. I'm crossing all my fingers and holding my breath right now that she stays a sleep for a decent amount of time today during her nap and doesn't need me right next to her so I can get some of this writing done.

Sooo Updates:

Jack is officially 4.5 and is the smartest, cutest little preschooler you'll ever see. He loves school. He hasn't cried once going and barely has time to tell me goodbye as he gets out of the car to go to class. He also has been doing the online UPSTART preschool program daily and is practically reading and writing real words and sentences. It's wild how fast this kid learns. I'm envious.

Luna is almost 16 months and is a walking, talking machine. She's always so busy playing with toys and literally running around the house after Jack and the puppies that she doesn't take time to cuddle much anymore. Unless she's sleepy and then I better not even think of leaving her side. She's a chunk at about 24 lbs and is in 18-24 month clothes. Some 2T! She started showing an interest in the potty this week, but I'm not ready for that business yet. Ha. She talks all the time and cries every time we drop Jack off to school. Picking him up is her greatest joy. She's a terrible grocery shopping partner and we can't even think about taking her to a restaurant. (TOO BUSY!) But she's also a ridiculous amount of fun.

The dogs are a lot of fun and a lot of work. Thor recently started going to behavior classes each week, which have been so fun for he and I to get some alone time together to work on his training. He's still constantly up to puppy trouble, but he's cute so he's got that going for him. Freyja is pretty sick of his shenanigans though and can usually be found trying to ignore him and taking lots of naps. She still loves going for walks any chance she gets.

Daniel is officially into his 30s now as we just celebrated his 32nd bday with a rare date night. It was so fun and even though my kids freaked out when we left (Thanks again, Holly! lol) it was good for us to have some time together. We are coming up on our 7th marriage anniversary and I just can't believe how fast time has gone.

I spend my days living that mom life, taking care of all that needs to be taken care of. We are still moving into the new house. It's definitely functional, but there is a lot that still needs unpacked and we haven't done any decorating. We'll get there slowly but surely.

We are all very excited that autumn is on the horizon and cannot wait for Halloween. Cooler days are my favorite, except winter can hold off just a little bit longer. (Jack is pretty excited to play in snow again though).

Also, in case you missed it (and in case you even care) I chopped my hair. It was so unhealthy from all the processing and I just wanted to start fresh and I love it so much.

That's my little family in a quick blurb. I've missed writing and hope I can get back to doing so more often here. Thanks for tuning in, folks!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Luna Marina: Month 14 update

Hey cool kids!

It's been a while since I did an update on our little miss! I finally took her in for her one year well check last week, so I figured I'd do a little update here on the blog. Luna is a walking, talking little person now and it's so awesome to watch. Part of that development makes me sad because I know this is the last of the firsts we'll get to experience with our own kids, but it's also so incredible to watch her learn something new every day. I love this stage.

Her stats:

Height: 32.5 inches (98 percentile!)
Weight: 23.9 lbs (83 percentile)
Clothing size: 12-18 months, 18-24 months (depends on the clothes and the brand)
Shoes: almost size 5, but the 4s are getting too small.
Diapers: size 4
Teeth: 9 - almost 10. She got a molar and one of her bottom teeth last week within a day of each other and the second molar is ready to pop through any day.

Sleep: Usually is pretty great! She takes one nap a day, sometimes two cat naps if she happens to fall asleep in the car or something. Her big naps lasts anywhere from an hour to two. She sleeps at night from about 8-7. Sometimes she'll sleep in. Occasionally her first few hours asleep are a little rocky and I'll have to nurse her back down a few times. She still co-sleeps and I don't imagine that will change. I'm thinking this fall/early winter, we're going to transition her straight into a twin bed like we did with Jack. The toddler bed never got used and we've obviously never had a crib for her, but we'll see how it goes.

Eating: Girl will pretty much eat whatever. She's only weird about sweets, which is so me. I'm not a big dessert person myself. She still doesn't like any kinds of milk and isn't a fan of most fruits. But loves veggies, cereal, breads, meats, cheese (one of her fave words is cheese and in fact, she refers to most foods as "cheeeese" lol)

Breastfeeding: She's still nursing throughout the day and to bed at night. I don't anticipate this will change anytime soon as we're doing baby led weaning. Jack was 2.5 when he weaned, so I'm interested to see if she goes that long or not. Also, IDGAF if anyone thinks I'm weird for participating in "extended" breastfeeding, so keep your opinions to yourself. k, thanks. :)

Also, little lady is a little chatter box, just like her big brother. She has a few dozen words that she says regularly and with meaning. Her faves:

Mama, Jack, Dad, pup pup, bubbles, bye, cheese, please, share, some, bite, night night, bye, shoe.

I love that she is so great at getting her needs met. She is really great at communicating to me what she needs or wants and that makes my mama life so much easier.

Luna loves being outside, loves hanging out with her brother and her dogs. She brings me books to read at least once an hour and enjoys dancing to anything with a beat. She loves her bubble machine and taking baths. Every time I change her diaper she thinks she needs a bath and will say, "no dipe. Bath!" haha. It's so funny. She loves to wear shoes and brings me her shoe, brother's shoe, my shoe, doesn't matter and will say, "shoe on!" lol.

This is such a fun age to watch her grow and develop. And now that she's walking and full mobile, I rarely get a chance to sit. But that's okay. Saves me money on a gym membership! Ha.

Thanks for reading all about my sweet girl. She is my favorite little lady and we love having her in our family.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hey Fam!

Just wanted to do a fun post today reviewing some of my favorite beauty items. First, I have not been sent these products nor compensated in any way. (psh, I'm not cool enough to be an IG famous influencer, let's be honest. ha)

BUT I do love the shizzz outta these products and need to share with those who I feel will appreciate it. So let's get started.

First we have the Image Skin Care Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum. Holy crap this stuff is amazeballs. It is so hydrating, a little goes a long way, and it smells so good! Plus, my skin really does seem brighter and with less visible fine lines. Buy it here.

We also have a mascara and a bronzer from Thrive Causemetics. The mascara is some of my fave I've ever used. It's a fiber mascara, but unlike some versions, is an all-in-one, so you don't end up with any stray fibers floating around on your face or in your eyes. I love the 3D mascara by Younique, but I feel like this one is just as great and I love that it's a one-step process. I do pair it with a regular mascara (currently just using an Elf one) first to give me some extra volume because the Thrive one is more about length.

The bronzer is my fave. I am super fair skinned so I have a hard time with bronzers making me look muddy. Or too many bronzers I've tried have shimmer. This is a matte and it goes on so smoothly (I apply with a big fluffy brush) to help contour my face.

Buy them here.

The new Coulour Pop "Gimme More" highlight palette is so pigmented, smooth and applies beautifully. I have been eyeballing some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kits for a while but could never justify the cost. But man, this one is way cheaper and same quality. It sells out quickly every time CP releases a new batch though so follow them on IG to get the next release dates. Colourpop products can be purchased here.

And lastly, we have the Overtone color-depositing conditioners. These are so fun! If you have super light blonde hair and want to add a pop of non-permanent color, try these out! As some of you may have noticed I did a fun magenta color recently after having been blonde balayaged for the past year. The red was so fun. I used the purple and red Overtone conditioners (mixed) in the shower so I didn't have to wash my hair with cold water and to help the color last longer, which it totally did. I just recently went back to my natural color though because my roots were coming in and I didn't feel like dealing with it. BUT I've still got some Overtone product left, so when I inevitably get bored with my hair in the future, I'll probably add some pops of red and purple here and there. Buy these conditioners here.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

On 30



Hello there, 30.

You kinda snuck up on me, didn't you?

That's okay. I've been waiting for you for a long time.

Oddly, I've had mixed feelings of eagerness and anticipation to turn 30 years old. It's been a while since I've had a milestone birthday, but here we are. So let's read a short story, shall we?

Once upon a time, 16 year old me was introduced to the oh-so-sexy Mark Ruffalo in a movie called "13 Going on 30."  From this Rom-Com classic, I learned that 30 isn't so bad! You can totally be thirty, flirty and thriving and really have all your shit together, even if it doesn't always feel like it.

And you know what?

I am 30 (today) and flirty (to mah hubs anyway) and thriving. I most certainly am thriving.

I was just telling Daniel the other day how life has been really good to me. Ask me on a bad mental health day and I will swear up and down I never said that. But it has been. I'm healthy. I've got all my needs met, most of my wants. I have the two best kiddos ever. I'm married to the coolest best friend a girl could ask for and I have a lot of people in my life who love and support me.

I've lost a lot of friends over the years. You know, as life takes you apart from those you once loved and cared about and shared so many interests, fun times and inside jokes. It's wild to think back to when turning 30 seemed so far away in the general scope of my life, how much has changed since then. So many different people are in that close space I reserve for those who mean the most to me. But so many are the same. My mom. (Thanks for giving me life, ma!) My dad. (Thanks to you too, dad. Guess you helped a little with the life thing.) and my siblings. But now I am so lucky to include their significant others and offspring (some with fur, some not) into that close space now too.

I've cut a lot of people out of that space over the years. And some have cut me out of theirs.

The best and absolutely most significant part about turning 30 years old is that I can say with 100 percent honesty is that I've never felt so confident and sure of myself in my entire life. My teen years were rough, ya'll. I'm sure some of you can relate. I was awkward and chubby and bullied and had terrible self-esteem. I worked too hard and didn't enjoy life enough. I was too hard on myself, too mean. My heart breaks a little bit for that girl I used to be.

And then I got into my 20s. The early part of that decade was awful. So freaking terribly awful. But then it started to get better and better, and then a little worse, but even better yet again after that. Life is a roller coaster and that is a cliche phrase for a reason.

29, you were one of the harder ones I've had yet. Not bad. Not terrible. Just hard. Lots of growth happened this year. I learned so much about myself, my life and what I hope for myself going forward.

I'm grateful for all of the experiences I've had. Even the wretched, horrible, nightmare ones. Because without them, I wouldn't be me. And I really like me, 30 years old, a few more fine lines, wrinkles, gray hairs...but I feel more beautiful in my own skin than I ever have. It took me 30 years to really, truly love myself. Flaws and all. Inside and outside. But here were are.

So let's wrap these ramblings of a blog post with a little gratitude. Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. Thanks to all of you who have always been there for me, supported me, made an effort to be in my life and my kids' lives. Thank you to everyone who puts up with my overshares, selfies and too-many political posts on social media.

But most of all, thank you to those who love me. And work hard to make sure I know you love me. Those acts do not go unnoticed even if I sometimes take them for granted. I am incredibly lucky to have you all in my life.

Thank you.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fitness update!

Hey readers!

I've been meaning to do an update on how my fitness stuff is all going. For those of you who are interested in what I've been up to to shed some weight, this is basically the gist of it:

  • Low-carb diet 
  • Chasing around burgeoning toddler and four year old. 

The other thing I've been trying as of late is a new app I found out about through my blog. It's called Aaptiv and is an app that works to combine fitness trainer guidance with a kick-ass play list. The app and especially its new workouts are specifically geared toward moms and those looking for great maternity-style workouts. I've been taking mine on walks with me. So much fun and a great way to get the kids out of the house while I also get to get fitness guidance and tips from some of the best in the industry like Kira Kohrherr of FitBump as well as yoga instructor Kristen McGee. These trainers are trained in both pre and postnatal exercise.

So if you're looking for a work out method to go along with your busy mom sched, I highly recommend Aaptiv. This fitness app offers short, quick workouts if you're like me and don't have a schedule that allows you to dedicate so much time to work out. From stretching exercises to yoga, walking, meditation, 5K training and more, Aaptiv offers a seriously good work out. The best thing about having a fitness app like this on your phone is that you can do it anywhere. At home,outside, at work, even at the gym (without the high price of an actual trainer!)

I did get to try the app for free, but so can you! *they are offering free for 7 days!* It's only $9.99 a month after that and you can cancel anytime.  Check Aaptiv out today. Seriously. I don't recommend products I don't absolutely love and believe in.

My favorite part about this fitness app is that you can filter work outs by intensity and you can also set reminders and alerts so you remember when you need to work out. As someone who really struggles to stay motivated to working out, this has been super helpful!

I typically set up a stroller workout for the morning, an afternoon meditation session and yoga in the evening after I get Luna to bed. (but before Jack hits the pillow because we all know he's a little night owl) plus he likes to do Yoga with me sometimes. lol.

I'm only 5 lbs from my goal weight and I've been slacking on the low-carb diet a little bit lately, so I really need to get back into that. As someone with PCOS, carbs are my ultimate enemy. Fortunately Daniel doing the Ketosis diet has been helping me stay on track with mine. Keto is a little too hard core for me especially since it encourages you to rely a lot on high-fat foods and fiber. Since I no longer have a gallbladder a lot of extra fat and fiber makes me really sick, so I have found a way to balance low-carb with foods I can eat easily. I just don't go quite as low carb as Daniel. I try to stick to under 75 carbs a day and it's been a lot easier than I expected. I feel healthier and more in shape than I have in a long time.

I'm wearing shorts this summer, you guys. SHORTS. IDGAF if my white legs are blinding. I'm able to wear shorts. WOOOOT.

Anyway, I'd love to hear any feedback if any of you end up trying Aaptiv too. Keep me posted! It's really fun.