Monday, June 19, 2017


Considering my hardcore slacking on the blog here lately, I figure I owe a post dedicated to what we've been up to lately.

I forget how busy summers tend to get for us, which is surprising, but is what it is. We had my big brother Rusty staying with us for a couple weeks and had all kinds of fun.

We also had some sad news: Dan's Grandma Whitney died last week. She was such a special lady and was so welcoming of me into her family. She looooved her great grand babies. We loved being able to go visit our SoUt stomping grounds for a few days and honor her life.

The great grandbabies. <3

We also just had the big Sadlier Family Reunion, which was so fun. The Sadlier clan are seriously some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I married into quite an awesome family and extended family. The kids loved getting to see their cousins and we enjoyed the beauty of Kamas, Utah.

Also Jack just wrapped up playing t-ball for the season. It was a really fun experience for him to get to know some new kids, play outside (which he looooves) and learn a new skill. I'm not sure baseball is really his thing, but time will tell! I think he was pretty grateful just to have a new experience and I am grateful he was able to learn more independence, which I think will really help him as he gets ready for Pre-K this fall.

We have some more adventures already planned for the summer, including (hopefully!) buying a new house! Cross your fingers something great comes our way.

Hope everyone else is enjoying these days of fun and are staying as cool as possible. :p

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