Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Luna Marina: Month 12

*sobs* so many *sobs*

My baby, you guys. My BABY IS A YEAR OLD. *cry cry cry*

*tries to pull self together. Cries a little more*


I can't. I can't even.


She's one, ya'll. It happened. The birthday came and went. We had her party. We celebrated. So many people who love and adore our little lady came to celebrate with us. We are so lucky to have such incredible family members and friends. Thank you all. From the bottom of my heart. Seriously. It meant the world to have you come celebrate as well as to see so many happy birthday wishes for my baby girl online. I thank you all. Check out the recap post on our big celebration here.

Miss Luna.

She's the best baby girl. Wow are we some fortunate people to have the perfect completion to our little family. She's funny and sweet and smart and so freaking cute I cannot even handle it.

Her stats:

Weight: 23 lbs of pure baby chunk and muscle
Length: 30 inches (approx)
Clothing:  Mostly 12-18 months and She's in size 4 diapers. 
Teething: 8, four on bottom, four on top and she's currently cutting a couple molars and her canines.
Nicknames: Luna Bug, Buggie, Bunny, Lu-Lu, Little Princess.

After Jack, I thought I would never sleep again. But Luna is pretty great. She only wakes maybe once or twice a night to nurse. We still co-sleep so I honestly barely even remember. She is down to about one nap a day. Occasionally two. Just depends. But she usually sleeps from about 8-8. 

She still nurses and I don't see us ending that anytime soon, BUT she does love to eat her favorite big-people foods too. Current faves are cheerios, grapes, cheese, yogurt, chicken and granola. Like her mama, she's not crazy about sweets. In fact, she had a sincere dislike of her bday cake and refused to ever eat any. Baha! 

Big girl loves to drink water out of a sippy cup though. 

Her other favorites include:

Her mommy, daddy and brother. 
Her puppies. 
Playing outside. 
Going for walks. 
Bath time. 
All of her family members. 
Toys that play music. 
Her blocks. 

She's currently...
Pulling herself up on everything. 
Cruising furniture. 
Completely over her pacifier *yay*
Stands unassisted for short periods of time. 

She's finally showing an interest in walking, but honestly I'm not crazy pushing walking. I'd rather she stay my baby just a little bit longer. 

Luna says...

Mama, dadda, bubba (brother), Jack, ball, baby, pup pup, duckie, bye-bye, hi, hey, surprise (like aprise!) and she's also really big on animal sounds like quack-quack, arf, meow and moo. 

haha. It's sooo cute! We love to read together and play outside. She's really drawn to animals of all kinds it seems too. 

She's really the best little buddy. She adores her daddy and her brother and we love watching her learn and grow. It's so bittersweet watching her turn from baby into little girl. I never thought it was possible to love so much until Jack and Luna came into my life, but these two and their amazing daddy are the best parts of my life. I am so lucky to be such big parts of their lives. 

We love you so much, Miss Luna Marina Dawn. You are the best little lady. We can't imagine life without you. 

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